National Community Foundation

NCF helps you with charitable planning and noncash gifts for the charities who inspire you to give to them.

NCF works in tandem with you and your team of professional advisors to enable you to contribute gifts of assets. We assist you in navigating through your complex giving transactions and fashion your planned giving arrangements with originality.

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The community foundation you thought you would never find.

NCF welcomes challenging opportunities to produce and implement innovative and customized giving solutions. We work relentlessly to orchestrate fulfilling philanthropic experiences for you and the charities that matter to you.

NCF energetically delivers concierge level services. We get how common it is for savvy, well-advised donors to become fatigued, striving to discover ways to contribute non-cash assets. Many of these charities you want to give to are unable or unwilling to accept your gifts.

NCF is a Delaware Charitable Trust, governed by the National Community Corporation, Trustee. Our structure enhances our capacity to design and engineer beneficial, financial and tax-wise outcomes for you. For example, certain gifts generate unrelated business taxable income to charities. The NCF ecosystem financially optimizes the legally permissible tax deductions and available tax savings for you. The resulting outcome is that NCF can produce 50% or more in additional funds for your charitable objectives.